The diagnostic pathway outlines five recommended consultations with guiding information to assist the GP and PN role in responding to concerns of cognitive change.

The pathway also includes three decision points that are designed to further assist the GP role in assessment and management of dementia.

Consultation One: Initial consultation
Decision Point One

Consultation Two: Baseline information collection

Consultation Three: Review of baseline information and carer information
Decision Point Two

Consultation Four: Carer consultation

Consultation Five: Detailed assessment
Decision Point Three

Download the complete two page 'Diagnostic Pathway for the Assessment and Management of Dementia' PDF here

MBS Item numbers and Dementia assesssment and care

General Practice / Practice nurse-led investigations in rural settings including ordering of relevant tests and referring to specialist as indicated with supporting information from investigation may support better coordinated and timely diagnosis when there is limited access to medical specialists.[1]

Information and referral post-diagnosis to appropriate support services is essential to inform planning, help with acceptance of diagnosis and ensure carer needs are addressed

KPMG Dementia services pathways - an essential guide to effective service planning 2011 pg. 20