Respite support services

Refer to the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres

Freecall: 1800 052 222

Respite care is a chance for the carer and family to take a break, either planned or in the case of an emergency.

Respite care is provided by community care services such as the Home and Community Care Program (HACC), National Respite for Carers Program (NRCP) and by residential aged care homes. Short-term case management is also provided by the Commonwealth Carer Respite and Support services.

Encourage carers to access respite early and in short bursts to build confidence in accessing respite and for the person with dementia to get used to their carer being away for short periods of time.

The Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre has more specific information on the different types of respite offered across the region.

The service provides free and confidential information on community aged care, disability and other support services available locally, interstate or anywhere in Australia.