Younger Onset Dementia (YOD)

Ring the National Dementia Helpline: 1800 100 500 and ask for the Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker for the South Eastern Melbourne region.

9 am - 5 pm

Caring for someone with a younger onset dementia can be very challenging for the rest of the family. People with younger onset dementia are generally active, mobile and physically capable. As a consequence caring for a younger person is more demanding than caring for an older person. The person may have been in full-time employment, actively raising a family and be financially responsible for the family. A carer may have to juggle caring for the person with dementia with employment, childcare, and even care of an older frail parent.

The symptoms associated with dementia may be more difficult to accept and manage in a younger person. For the family member who is caring for someone with younger onset dementia issues that may arise include a sense of loss (of income, future plans), change in caring roles, attitudes of friends and family and reactions from children.

Monitor carer stress and carer ability to manage the multiple demands associated with caring for a younger person with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic can put family and carers in touch with other family and carers of people with younger onset dementia, and provide links to support groups and education.

YOD Key Worker Contact Details

Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker

Alzheimer's Australia Vic

98-104 Riversdale Road Hawthorn 3122

Phone: 1800 100 500

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