Project Background

South Eastern Melbourne Dementia Pathways Tool

Dementia diagnosis can be a complicated process.  It is recognised that community ideas about dementia and ageing are often filled with misconception, lack of awareness, education and acceptance.  Societal stigma and denial limit the opportunity for people to receive an early diagnosis and the resulting benefits and merits associated with early diagnosis.

In 2013, the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) at Federation University Australia (FedUni, formerly the University of Ballarat) together with project partners (including Grampians Medicare Local; Department of Health, along with A/Prof Mark Yates) collaborated on the Grampians Dementia Pathways Project. The project led to the development of an online Dementia Pathways Tool offering General Practitioners (GPs) and general practice nurses a web-based repository of dementia-related information, tools, service directories and resources aimed at enhancing current assessment, management and referral practices.

South Eastern Melbourne Aged Care Advisory group identified there was a need to have a localised, easy-to-use  dementia tool on their website and after further consultations decided to modify and adopt the Grampians Dementia Pathways Tool with the software component provided by Federation University Australia's Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation.  All information provided is current at the time of development. 

Thank you to the members of the South Eastern Melbourne Aged Care Advisory group and the Dementia Pathway Working group and the Grampians Region Dementia Advisory group whose guidance in developing this pathway was invaluable.


Feedback on the Dementia pathway tool and the information and resources contained within the web-site is encouraged. 

You can give feedback or request further information on the South East Melbourne Dementia Pathway Tool in a number of ways:

All of the above contact points are regularly monitored, however for speed and convenience we encourage you to try the first option, the online feedback form.


Further acknowledgements

South Eastern Melbourne PHN acknowledges the Grampians Region Department of Health, Grampians Medicare Local, Associate Professor Mark Yates at Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service (Ballarat Health Services) and Federation University Australia's Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation as content and technology developers of this pathways tool.